Hey! I'm Alondra. I play Horn and I march Mellophone. This blog is 110% DCI, DCA, WGI, Concert/Marching Band, etc. Everything music related.

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Proper names for groups of instruments


• a fluck of flutes

• a cloister of clarinets

• a shmax of saxophones

• a tyranny of trumpets

• a marsh of mellophones

• a tumble of trombones

• a barrage of tubas

• an oboemination of oboes

• a wart of bassoons

• a smack of percussionists

• a prick (or murder) of piccolos

There needs to be a corps necklace masterpost


I guess I’ll make the thing if it doesn’t already exist?

Friends take pictures of your corps necklace and submit them to me! Or text them, 305-878-8905. I’ll put it together and update it as I get them!


basically if you play a brass instrument and have pretty eyes i’ll fall in love with you